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Hope For The Hopeless Birthing Deep Within

by | Nov 18, 2019

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Hope For The Hopeless Is Trying To Birth From Deep Within You ~ 

What’s entangling you from doing the very things you feel God has called you to do in THIS season?

The season that’s bringing you to your knees.

Not the things you should do – but what He’s actually called you to do?

I sense we’re in a time where hope for the hopeless is trying to birth from deep within but something keeps getting in our way and blocking our path.  Keeping us entangled and going round and round – making no forward progress.

Could it be what we’re holding onto so tightly and can’t get our focus off it?

My thoughts keep reminding me, “What you focus on, WILL grow.”


In spite of what I see all around me in the natural realm, I keep hearing His steady, quiet voice deep within say,

Didn’t I call you to…

“Throw off EVERYTHING that is hindering you and the sin you have allowed yourself to become entangled with.  Throw them all off! Run your race with perserverance – the one I’ve set aside just for you. Fix your eyes on, Me, Jesus, for I put faith in you of all I want you to receive.” Hebrews 12:1-2 NIV paraphrased.


However, in the messiness of life, it can feel impossible to let go of everything we’re entangled with.

The darkness outstays it’s welcome…

The weeping that’s supposed to endure for only a night bleeds into the days and exhausts the strength of our soul…

The trials envelop us so much that we literally get lost in their entanglement….

We feel trapped. Stuck in a stronghold of what feels like unchangeable circumstances.


But again He gently repeats Himself from deep within,

Remember sweet child, I have called you to….

“Let go of EVERY wound that has pierced you so deeply and the sin you have fallen into because of your deep wounding. (Hebrews 12:1 TPT – paraphrased)

I want what’s best for YOU. I have an amazing race marked out just for you to run. But you can’t run it with all those things weighing you down.

“Look away from the natural realm – as in literally turn your back on all that you see in your current circumstances – and fix your gaze on Me, Jesus. ” (Hebrews 12:2 TPT – paraphrased)


I know how difficult it is to follow the LORD’s instruction when we feel pain so deeply that it blurs our vision and cripples us, causing us to stop dead in our tracks.

We question whether we hear God and we doubt He can save us from our adverse situation. We quickly find ourselves falling into what I call victim sin – i.e. the sin that misses the mark of putting our trust in God.

“I don’t believe you, God. I don’t trust you can handle my situation. I doubt you’ll come through for me, so I’m going to give into my anxious-filled thoughts because that way I at least feel a sense of “control”.

However, this perceived “control” is a farce.  It may feel better at the moment.  Giving us a sense of empowerment.  But it always seems to come back to bite us in the end. Manifesting itself in worse ways – in the form of sickness and dis-ease in our mind, emotions, and eventually our physical body.


This is the exact trap Satan – the enemy of our soul – wants us to fall into.

We hear our mind screaming at us,

“Did God really say…?”

“You’re never going to be good enough.”

“You’re going to stay stuck in this hopeless situation forever. It’ll never change and you’ll forever go round and round in the loop of your anxious-filled thoughts. Never free. Never in peace.”


HOWEVER, even though we may feel hopeless – there’s something deep within each one of us that won’t let go of us!

As in – even if we don’t have a hold of hope – HOPE HAS A HOLD OF US!

Just like an anchor for our soul that won’t disappoint.  A deep-rooted belief that somehow, someway, God WILL come through.

The light of hope may be super dim – but somehow it’s still there.  


Because this hope is not born of us. It’s born of God. It’s nothing we can conjure up. It’s a deposit of hope – like a sheer gift – from God Himself that He has puts deep within each one of us.

It’s the same deposit of hope He put into Abraham when He gave him a promise.

AGAINST ALL HOPE, Abraham still had hope. Romans 4:18. 

His situation was 100% scientifically and medically impossible. Completely hopeless. YET – somehow, someway, he had hope. 


Because GOD planted it in him.

And God has planted that same hope in you and in me.

God has given us clear direction on what we need to do in order to discover the hope He has already given to us.


He said if we can hand over our wounded hearts – and the sin we’ve become entangled with because of our wounds – and trust Him to take care of them and keep our focus on Him – and not on the people or things who have wounded us – WE will be freed up to move forward into His faith’s completion and fulfillment.

In other words, HE gives us HIS faith (hope) for what HE wants us to have so that we can receive the very thing HE has given us faith for!

Stop and ponder that for a minute!

He wants us to be fully free and fully healed whether we’re in the darkest night of our soul or in the brightest day of our soul – and He’s telling us exactly how to do that!


Can you let go of the anxiety that you’ve wrapped your wounded heart up in?

Can you let of your perception of “control” and trust Him with your deepest wounds?

Can you let go of the sin of missed placed trust and turn around and face Jesus and make Him your primary target of focus?


We all want our adverse circumstances to change. We all want those who have hurt us to pay. But what if our eyes we were so focused on Jesus, that it didn’t really matter what was happing around us? That our adverse circumstances and our deep wounds faded into the distance so much that they no longer have an impact on our lives?

What would that feel like? 


The deeper I get into my own journey of healing, the more I realize TRUE freedom is not dependent on people and circumstances changing in my favor or any of those things being under my perception of “control”.

TRUE freedom is about letting go of all those things that have bogged me down and hindered my ability to run and fixing my focus on Jesus. By doing this, it gives Him the room and space within my mind to put His faith and hope in me so that I can have the very things He’s giving me the faith to have. 

Circumstances can come and go, but ultimately I want to keep my gaze on the ONE who has already secured my future.

That’s trust. That’s freedom.


Whatever Has Entangled You ~ Are You Ready To Let It Go?


Pray this prayer with me so you too can run the race God has already marked out for you – unhindered, unencumbered, and without the entanglement of wounds and sins. And then trust His hope is in you and is working on your behalf:


Somewhere along the way of trying to carry my heavy load of deep, throbbing pain, I misplaced my trust in you and put it into someone and something else. Please forgive me.

Right now I hand over my wounded heart to you and the sin I’ve become so entangled with. I ask you to heal me and make me whole. I ask you to take the very wounds I have and make them into something beautiful – something only YOU can do.

Jesus, will you once again re-deposit YOUR hope and faith in me for the very things YOU want me to have and do.  I want what you want for my life and I trust that it is good.  I want to be free and unencumbered so I can run the race you marked out for me – unhindered.  Including THIS race – the one that has brought me to the middle of this dark night of my soul.

  Take me from this place of pain to a place of peace, and finally to a place of purpose for your name’s sake.

In Jesus Name,



PLEASE NOTE: If you feel suicidal or nervous that you can’t find hope anywhere – please seek the help of a professional counselor.  Sometimes in order to get unstuck – we need the help of a trained counselor.  YOU’RE NOT ALONE – So don’t journey alone!

Author:  Heather Berg

Author: Heather Berg

Certified Life Coach

My heart is to show people how to get free from defeating thought patterns so they can discover what true freedom really is and be transformed regardless of circumstances.

Wrestling through my own defeating thought patterns as well as navigating through life's many adversities, I'm fully persuaded that unless we confidently know who God REALLY is and who He created us to REALLY be, we'll forever stay stuck.

Let's MOVE forward in true freedom and total transformation because we are created to move!

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