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Heather Berg

IFS Practitioner & Enneagram Coach

Helping you heal all parts of you

I can help you can learn how to access your internal resources of clarity, creativity, and compassion so you can heal yourself and show up as your truest self in life!

My Story

Through years of trauma therapy as well as becoming an IFS Practitioner and getting a PSAP (both of which are trauma-informed modalities), I eventually found the Enneagram as the tool that pulled it all together. Discovering not only where my pitfalls are – but also my strengths – was a game changer.

We go to therapy for healing. And it helps. And during or after therapy, we can still feel stuck. We can get lost as we go into the deeper parts of ourselves – but it is there where we find keys to unlock our freedom and transformation and rediscover who we really are.

IFS and the Enneagram have been key modalities in my healing journey. Along with my relationship with Jesus, these tools have served as a type of scaffolding that has helped organize my healing process and helped me to climb out of a very deep dark trench of suffering I was stuck in.

My heart is to use all the tools I have learned and integrated into my journey to help my clients find the freedom and transformation they deserve and so desperately need too. ♥️

What We MUST Have to Heal, Grow, & Thrive:

A Strong Sense of Self Worth and Value

The process of rebuilding self esteem / worth is more about releasing the constraints that block us from accessing our core self – the essence of who we were created to be.

An Honest Sense of Who We Are

We tend to focus on where we’re not good enough, where we’re broken, or where we’re lacking. Discovering our strengths and what we have to offer both to ourselves and others is healing to the parts of ourselves that have been hidden away for far too long.

Belief that Post Traumatic Growth is Possible

Life can bring a lot of roadblocks and adversity. It’s easy to get stuck in our suffering and live from a scarcity mentality of survival. You can be vicimized by it and live a life of bitterness or you can overcome it and live a life of thriving.

Room to Breathe, Spaciousness, Inner Capacity

Slow down, be with, get curious. As stress and anxiety build we speed up. As we speed up, stress and anxiety build. Where there is breath, there is space. Where there is space, there is movement. Where there is movement, there is no dis-ease.

A Felt Sense of Safety and Security and an Anchor for Our Soul

Whether you have big T traumas, little t traumas, or benign neglect traumas, they all leave their mark in our bodies. No matter the kind (mental, emotional, physical, relational) – trauma is experienced and then stored in the body. Therefore we must treat trauma by treating the body ~ creating a felt sense of worth and belonging, love and connection, safety and security. I don’t know how to do this outside of having someone stronger than me as my source of security to anchor myself to when life gets in the way. 

Somehow, some way having an embodied experience that God is love even if we’re in a dark night of the soul.

My Approach

Everything from life’s ongoing roadblocks to life’s major traumas has an impact on us. It’s easy to lose ourselves in the throws of life.

False beliefs about ourselves, wounds from our past and present, and habitual coping patterns keep us stuck.

We are complex beings, therefore I use an integrated approach utilizing:

  • The Enneagram as a launching off point and growth tool
  • Internal Family System’s parts work
  • Somatic (body) experiences such as breath and movement
  • Building awareness of your window of tolerance and polyvagal theory

As little kids we instinctually place a mask called personality over parts of our authentic self to protect us from harm and make our way in the world. Over time our adaptive strategies become increasingly complex. They get triggered so predictably, so often and so automatically that we can’t tell where they end and where our true natures begin.

Now, rather than protect our defenseless hearts against the inevitable wounds and losses of childhood, our personalities limit us.

We eventually lose touch with our authentic self – the beautiful essence of who we are.

Ian Cron ~ “The Road Back To You”

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