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You're NOT created to be STUCK.


Ready to move away from a self-defeating mindset and move towards all God has for you in life, love, and purpose?


Do you find yourself:


Not feeling good enough - like you'll never measure up?


Constantly stuck with the same struggles in life?


Confused with knowing your value and who you truly are?


Wondering if whether or not you're worth it?


At your wit's end and ready to just give up?


Feeling STUCK?

Ready to MOVE forward?


If so, it might be time for a coach to help you get from where you are now – STUCK – to where you want to be!

We tend to get stuck in two main areas:

  • In our adversities (what’s happening around us or to us) – betrayal, relational hardships, etc.
  • In our personal barriers (what’s happening inside of us) – our thought processes, autonomic trauma responses to external stimuli, etc.

Each one has a direct impact on the other and together they can create a cyclical effect – making us feel like we’re going round and round on a hamster wheel making no forward progress.

I coach from a whole being approach:

  • Body,
  • Mind (thoughts, emotions, will)
  • and Spirit  

I use both mental (talk/cognitive therapy) as well as physical (treating how the body reacts to stress) modalities to help facilitate our coaching process.  Each of these areas is directly impacted by the other. If we’re sick in our body – it has a direct impact on our mind and spirit. If we’re dealing with dis-ease in our mind and spirit – it eventually manifests itself in the body.

I specialize in:

  • Betrayal trauma
  • Relational issues
  • Marital issues
  • Childhood wounds from family of origin
  • Low self-esteem – due to a low view of self-value and worth
  • Rediscovering your God-given identity and purpose
  • Mental/emotional anguish of chronic pain and illness
  • Compounding stress – when stress stacks up too high with too many things

When any one of the areas becomes stagnant, EVERYTHING in life seems to get stuck and dis-ease can then enter into our body, mind, and/or spirit. 

My personal experience:

In all of my personal healing journeys from chronic back pain to cancer to dealing with years of betrayal trauma and extremely low self-esteem – while still navigating other aspects of life: home, kids, husband, etc. – I found in order to fully heal, I had to focus my healing in ALL areas of my being: body, mind, spirit.

When I only focused on the one area I was stuck and broken – that’s where I stayed – stuck and broken.

I’m a certified life coach who has walked the walk for many years in learning how to get off the self-defeating hamster wheel and get UNSTUCK.

I’ve learned (and will continue to learn) the value of embracing all life throws at me – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and use it for my good and the good of others.

We’re not created to stay stuck – We’re created to move from barely surviving to fully thriving by using our adversities as launch pads – propelling us to a better, brighter future!

What you’ll get when you coach with me:

First and foremost – I’ll give you what I have to give: the tools, the confidence, and the know-how to learn how to heal yourself from the inside out.

I’ve found in my own healing journeys that it was actually me who had the “magic pill” so to speak to heal myself.  Although I very much appreciated and needed the support and knowledge of those who led me out of some really dark valleys – I’m most appreciative of how they showed me the magic was inside of me and I could heal myself.

That’s exactly what I want to do for YOU!

In our coaching sessions, I’ll show you how to heal yourself from the inside out. I’ll also show you how to leverage your pain of adversity and frustration of personal barriers so you too can launch forward into the future and the hope God has set aside just for you.

Let’s get Get Started!


What do you need: One-On-One Coaching or Group Coaching?

One-On-One Coaching:  You and I will work together to create a strategy to help you get unstuck so you can find the freedom and health YOU need. We will use assessments and tools tailor-made to you and your needs.

Group Coaching: Although we are unique and our situations are unique, sometimes working with a group on a specific issue adds a dynamic that can assist in the healing journey. This is a great way to heal in relationships and have increased accountability. Groups consist of two or more people.


Sign up for a FREE Consultation Call by filling out the form below.

On this 45 minute call, we’ll discuss what your specific needs are (or the needs of the group) and if coaching with me is the right next step for you.


$90 per session – all sessions are 90 minutes

Contact me for package discounts or any questions you may have.

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I help people discover their true God-given identity so they can break through barriers, overcome adversity, and live the life they were created to live. My heart is to empower people with the tools and know-how to get unstuck and find true freedom and transformation despite their circumstances.

Going through my own life’s seasons of hardship, I am fully persuaded that unless we know who we really are and whose we really are, we will forever stay stuck. Together, let’s not allow that to happen

Heather Berg

Certified Life Coach

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