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Tired of being stuck?

Let me help you move toward self-discovery and inner healing today!

Integrating IFS and the Enneagram to Help You with Self-Discovery, Growth, and Healing

Ready to Make a Change in Your Life and Begin Moving Forward?

Investing in yourself and your relationships is a worthy endeavor as you build – or rebuild – cohesion. Coaching will save you time and money as we partner together on your journey of self-discovery, growth, and healing.

My Approach to Coaching:

Use the Enneagram as a launching point for self understanding

The Enneagram is a powerful tool to help us better understand why we do what we do, become an observer of our strengths and weaknesses, and give us a clear path to self-discovery and growth.

Deep dive into understanding your internal family system

As we go through your coaching sessions, you’ll begin to get to know the parts of you that show up when old (or new) wounds come to the surface and the parts of you that try and protect you from getting wounded again. During this process, you’ll learn how to recognize and access your deepest core self and how to lead all parts of you to a place of healing and rediscovery.

Apply an integrated approach

Our bodies are amazing communicators and when we learn to listen and pay attention to them, we can bring in some healthy self-care strategies that are unique to our system. I like to use tools such as breath, window of tolerance, and polyvagal techniques in our sessions to learn what your system needs to be able to self-regulate and become your best YOU.

Couples, families, teams, small groups:

I bring a unique blend of these modalities when doing any kind of group work. I find using the Enneagram to be a great starting point as it creates an organized flow of growth and self-discovery. 

Ready to find freedom?

Your journey of self-discovery and healing from the inside out can start now.

I know for me – I was stuck for years cycling through questions like, “What should I do?” or “Why is this SO HARD for me?” or “Why am I STILL stuck?!”

That doesn’t have to be your story any longer.

~ Nothing changes if nothing changes ~

Imagine 3 months from now experiencing…

  • Freedom from emotional pain and obsessive/intrusive thoughts

  • Confidence and ability to tap into your inner resources and heal yourself

  • A feeling of spaciousness and room to breathe again from the inside out

  • Capacity and creativity for new and fulfilling experiences in your life

  • An inner knowing you already have all that you need to heal, grow, and thrive!

Do you struggle with:

  • A low sense of self-worth
  • Feeling like you’re not good enough
  • A lost sense of knowing who you are
  • Feeling stuck – even after therapy.
  • Feeling devalued in your relationships – or have been betrayed.
  • Stuck in rumination and bitterness from a past hurt.
  • Caught up in unhealthy relationship patterns such as co-dependency or anti-dependency.
  • Stuck in what feels like a dark night of the soul ~ a crisis of faith.
  • Unclear about what the future holds
  • Amid a life transition (career, relationships, empty nester, etc).
  • Stuck in chronic pain
  • Overwhelmed physically, mentally, emotionally, relationsionally
  • Ready to do the inner work of self-discovery and self-healing regardless of what’s happened to you.

If you feel STUCK in any of these patterns – you are not alone. I’ve been through too! You do NOT have to stay stuck any longer.

    Coaching may be your Next BEST Step!

    Let’s take the next step together!

    One of my HARDEST life lessons was learning that there wasn’t anyone “out there” with a “magic pill” that could “fix me”.

    I was the only one who could ultimately “fix me” as my life was MY journey.

    However, I could let people walk alongside me for a season of my journey and let them help me discover the magic already inside me.

    And it’s already inside of you too!

    If you’re ready to let me be your guide by the side and walk alongside you to help you discover the magic already inside you – then let’s take the next step towards YOUR transformation!

    I’ve created a program to help you get UNSTUCK from false beliefs about yourself so you can MOVE towards FREEDOM and experience TRANSFORMATION!


    Our sessions will focus on helping you get to know your inner world and what makes you tick so you can understand why you do what you do and heal from the inside out!


    By becoming an observer of yourself – you’ll discover the magic already inside you and learn how to tap into those inner resources that’ll take you from overwhelm to FREEDOM.


    Let’s stop continuing to invest hours of anxiety, fear, and emotional turmoil – and trade it out for a SIMPLE and ACTIONABLE STEP-BY-STEP PLAN.

    I know it's not that simple

    How can I possibly change in three simple steps? It’s true – breaking through barriers and overcoming adversity takes work. Freedom and transformation don’t just fall in our laps.

    I know. I’ve been there so many times.

    When you have someone alongside you – it saves so much time, money, and heartache.

    Let me help you get unstuck and move forward.

    Book Your Free Call

    Let me come alongside you to help you see what’s already inside you so you can

    heal ~ grow ~ thrive!

    {Heather could see qualities in me that I couldn't see in myself.  Her way of encouraging me helped me to see those qualities and bring them out in myself. She is someone who the true inner person - who they could become and what’s inside them that could be realized. Working with Heather has helped me so much! I have also felt so seen and heard.
    Sarah - Wife, Mom, Ministry Leader
    {Heather brings a sense of confidence and groundedness into our sessions - creating a sense of safety. I know I can come just as I am - with all my emotions, life experiences, and varying degrees of trauma. Working with Heather has helped me to process my feelings and move toward an overall sense of being able to see the big picture and to use my life (trauma) experiences for my advancement.
    Mellisa - Wife, Mom, Trauma Support Specialist
    {Something I found refreshing in working with Heather is she has her own story of trauma that she isn't afraid to share with her clients. She has a "me too" approach that made me feel validated and understood - like I wasn't the only one. She not only draws from her expertise in the models of therapy she uses - but also from her own life experiences.  
    M.S. ~ Overcomer of Spiritual Trauma
    {Working with Heather has helped me see qualities in myself I didn't even know were there. She helped me draw them out into the open - where I could use them for my inner healing as well as those around me. She was an encouraging force in my life when things were discouraging and dark. I had low self-confidence in a lot of ways and needed to be rebuilt. Heather was one of those people who helped me come up and out of a dark season.
    S.G. ~ Survivor of Betrayal Trauma

    What You’ll Get With Created To Move Coaching:

    My overall goal is to teach you HOW to heal yourself from the inside out. I believe each one of us has gifts and qualities to be explored, discovered, and realized. Hardships and frustrations have an interesting way of revealing these gifts. I want to help you see them for yourself and draw them out!

    Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Hippocrates

    Personally and professionally I have found the Enneagram and IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy models to be powerful tools when used together. They complement each other in how they release the constraints that run our lives in the background.

    When it comes to healing and getting unstuck – it’s more about taking off and letting go than it is about putting on or adding in. It’s about creating room to breathe so you can MOVE forward in life and love.



    Set up a FREE Discovery Call

    In this 30-minute call, we’ll talk about where you’re stuck, what brings you to coaching, and what you hope, want, and need to achieve with your coaching experience.


    Choose which Introductory Discover + Explore Package best fits your current needs.

    Each package will start with discovering your primary Enneagram Type.

    We will use the Enneagram to explore how the parts of your system (IFS) are keeping you stuck in self-defeating cycles mentally, emotionally, relationally, spiritually, etc.

    Each Package Includes:
    – 6 one-hour private coaching sessions.
    – 5 guide sheets with action steps & journal prompts for your specific Personality Type.


    Decide your Next Step

    As your package comes to an end – we will assess the benefits of going deeper into your inner system and work of the Enneagram. From there – we can talk about the Next Steps!

    Your NEXT STEP is a simple one!

    DISCOVER + EXPLORE – 6 Sessions (3 monthly payments at $250 a month*)

    What if you had a clear path that helped you get from where you are to where you want to go?  Doing a Discover Typing session + 5 more Explore Sessions will give you the very path to grow, heal, and thrive!

    More Details

    These five 60-minute sessions will help you explore why you think, feel, and behave the way you do. Take a deep dive into your Enneagram type and begin to understand your internal system in a whole new way. You will gain a deeper understanding with more clarity of the essence of who you are: what you’re strengths are, what you bring to the table, and areas where you can grow – with a clear growth path!

    This package includes:

    • Enneagram assessment and self-ranking motivation worksheet
    • A DISCOVER typing session
    • 6 total sessions
    • 10 pages of worksheets

    Looking for More Coaching Options?

    Looking for Coaching for Couples, Families, Teams and More?

    If individual coaching is not what you’re looking for, I offer Coaching Sessions in a variety of settings to best meet your needs.

    All coaching options are available online. Groups, teams, and workshops/conferences are also available in person.

    Contact me today to let me know what you’re looking for, and we can work together to help you chart a path to freedom, growth, and transformation!


    Understanding how each of you thinks, feels, and why you act the way you do and the impact your motivations (why you do what you do) have on each other is a game changer.

    The integration of IFS and the Enneagram helps partnerships grow, connect, and heal together. Whether your relationship needs a refresher, or you’re at the beginning of your relationship and you want to start strong, or you’re facing a crisis, I can help!

    I know firsthand how powerful it is to have someone come alongside you who has been there. Having an objective point of view and the tools to work through hard things, I am equipped to co-facilitate your journey as you learn what it is to be better together. Being married for nearly 28 years and navigating some big deal things myself, I have personal and professional experience.

    Contact me today and let’s get your relationship moving towards understanding and connection!



    No one person is an island within their family (as much as they may think they are!). Family dynamics have a way of impacting us like no other – for better or worse. And as parents, those family dynamics from our family of origin go with us into our new family as adults whether we want them to or not – whether we’re conscious of them or not. They just do.

    Coaching as a family can open the perspective of each other – how each person ticks and how that plays a role in how others relate to you and the impact it has on the family as a whole system.

    When we can see the world through each other’s eyes – the way we parent, interrelate with each other and cohabitate shifts and makes room for deeper connections and better interactions. 

    Sessions vary based on family size but are generally scheduled for 2–4 hours. This allows for plenty of interaction, discussion, reflection, questions, and care for each family member.

    Groups & Teams

    Whether it’s the workplace or community circles, it’s hard to understand each other sometimes. Why is it that we instantly click with some people while others can just rub us the wrong way?

    Team coaching can help your group/team work together cohesively by better understanding what makes everyone tick and how that impacts the underpinnings of your team/group. You’ll be a better leader and a better follower.

    Contact me today to help your group/team move towards healthier dynamics and a transformed environment for your whole group.

    Workshops run 3–4 hours minimum and include activities and breaks. Individual Typing Interviews are also available in addition to the presentation.

    Interested in Joining a Group Coaching Experience?

    Something magical happens when engaging in group coaching that can’t happen in individual coaching. They both have their place and both have their benefits. Listening to each other, supporting each other, and creating a community in a supportive nature brings healing and nourishment differently.

    We are broken in relationships and we are healed in relationships.

    If you are not part of a supportive community – but want to be – contact me for more details. 

    Seminars, Conferences, & Retreats

    For a life-changing presentation tailored to your needs, choose from half-day to multi-day options. Longer durations enable deeper engagement with panels, breakouts, and activities.

    Contact me to schedule your event today!”

    Interviews & More

    I’m available for interviews and podcasts. I love talking about the power of integrating IFS and the Enneagram (or just one or the other) and its potential to help us discover our truest selves and live from a place of freedom, growth, and transformation!

    Contact me today to schedule a call.

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