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You're NOT created to be STUCK.


Ready to move away from a self-defeating mindset and move towards all God has for you in life, love, and purpose?


Do you find yourself:


Not feeling good enough - like you'll never measure up?


Constantly stuck with the same struggles in life?


Confused with knowing your value and who you truly are?


Wondering if whether or not you're worth it?


At your wit's end and ready to just give up?

Helping you DISCOVER your identity and worth in CHRIST alone ~ so you can BREAK THROUGH barriers, OVERCOME adversity, and SHIFT the atmosphere in your life, relationships, and calling.


~ You Are An UNCONQUERABLE Warrior!

A little about Created To Move:

Hi! I’m glad you stopped by!
I BELIEVE our ability to overcome and break through rises and falls on knowing who we truly are and whose we truly are.
CONFIDENTLY knowing our identity in Christ is a game changer!
EVERYTHING about who we are and how we were made is created to move:
♥ Our physical bodies are anatomically created for movement.
♥ The neuroplasticity of our minds are created for renewal and growth.
♥ Our relationships are created to progress and grow towards intimacy.

If any of these systems become stagnant, we regress and ultimately become stuck.

CREATED TO MOVE is all about helping you get from where you are to where you ultimately want to be.

Ready to get UNSTUCK and Break Through to ALL God has for You?


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